A Pen, a Keyboard, a Song, and a Sandbox Walk into a Writers’ Room

This keynote will look at the role of a playful mindset in your writing methods. We’ll look at how non-linear approaches to structural design can open up new ways of seeing for the writer and audience, whether you’re making film, TV, plays or games. We’ll look at the relationship between the way we move to closure in our narratives, and the experience of endings in the world. It will be followed by an optional interactive virtual social networking session.

This session is open to anyone in the world, at any point in their career and will be proudly Auslan interpreted by Deaf Can:Do

With Guest Speaker Mickey Kumatpi O’Brien

This event is made possible with financial support from South Australian Film Corporation

What people are saying about Christy’s talks:

“As someone who has attended almost every GDC since 2005 – it’s hard to continue to find content that is meaningful to me. Christy’s talk was just that, great take aways, great presentation and slide deck.” 

“Fantastically applicable advice.”

About Christy:

Christy Dena is a writer-designer-director of transmedia projects and games. Her original projects have received multiple interactive writing awards including the AWG and WA Premier’s Book Awards. Christy has worked on projects for the ABC, SBS, Cisco, and Nokia. She has been commissioned to create installations for such places as The Cube, Science and Technology Centre, QUT; Experimenta’s International Biennial of Media Art; and Pop-Up Playground. She is currently developing her own local co-operative VR experience with companion short film, improvisational storytelling game, and writing a non-fiction book on Redesigning Narrative Design.

She ran an international Telematic Studio with CEMENTA, Forward Slash Story with Columbia University’s Digital Storytelling Lab, Extended Experiences Lab with Screen Queensland, and the international online conference on narrative design: Crafting Intangibles. Christy has mentored around the world, including Crossover Documentary Lab for Film Victoria, XMediaLab: Film Extended, for Screen Australia; The Pixel Lab for the London Film Festival; and the Crossover Indigenous Lab for Screen Australia. She has spoken at events around the world, including Transmedia Hollywood in LA; TEDxTransmedia in Geneva; the Documentary Organization of Canada; GOMA; Slamdance; AIDC; and the GDC in SF.

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June 26, 2020
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