Is AI the future of TV?

With Guy Gadney

Hollywood and television series have long been fascinated by AI. From Lost in Space to Westworld, visions of sentient technology have inspired writers across the globe.

But what if AI could also write, produce and direct TV? And if that’s the case, when might this become a reality?

This keynote session from Guy Gadney, founder of storytelling technology, will go into case studies from their recent work for Sky’s UK show Bulletproof, for the BBC, for interactive graphic novels, and for Zoom-based theatre productions such as a forthcoming adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, premiering in August.


Guy Gadney runs, the storytelling platform powered by artificial intelligence. He will introduce their new projects – a major interactive drama for Sky’s show Bulletproof, and immersive adaptations of four graphic novel series – which all launched this month.

Guy has a 20-year career across television and games. He was the first Head of Digital for Penguin Books UK, then at the BBC, Guardian, and FOXTEL in Australia, before setting up the interactive storytelling company The Project Factory which produced the official mobile games for Sherlock, Home & Away and other TV series around the world.

With, Guy is working with television producers, networks, games companies and publishers around the world to bring to life new forms of storytelling which place audiences inside stories, letting them talk to characters and influence the story. is being used by Sky, BBC, StoryFutures and Oxford University among others.

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August 6, 2020
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