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Stories connect us with each other and with the world: they capture our hopes, our dreams our struggles and our play.  Stories can be timeless but they are also about the here and now. 

At Story Hack we aim to celebrate  the mutable  role of story from screen to immersive media, from entertainment through to broader industry manifestations. 

We do this by bringing you cutting edge  thinkers, writers, experts via workshops, talks and seminars creating a space for new insights and new story making to flourish through collaboration  and discussion.


Barbara Connell


A 30-year veteran of the film industry and a graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, Barbara is currently the Drama Development Manager, Screenwest. 
Prior to this role, Barbara was a freelance screenwriter, script editor and story analyst for a variety of clients in Australia and the US. She also was COO of theatrical distributor Demand Film, managing all back-office and administration for the company while guiding development on funded projects.

Barbara is Cronwickey & Co’s Co-Founder and oversees the operational aspects of projects.

Olga Nowicka

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Olga Nowicka brings a mix of dedication, lateral thinking, and a proactive approach to addressing the myriad of challenges and opportunities that arise from live events and creative development. Having worked in the Australian creative industries (arts and screen) for over 12 years, she has a broad experience of working with diverse practitioners from NASA leaders to comedians in roles from screenwriting to event management.

Olga is Cronwickey & Co’s Managing Director and Co-Founder and oversees the production of all STORY HACK’s initiatives.


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